On Fri, Mar 12, 2004 at 02:07:26AM -0800, Donald Burr wrote:
> A question occurred to me today.  How much difference does 'gcc -O<x>' 
> make in the speed of my system?
> I notice some ports that claim to not work properly if compiled with 
> -O<x> (the one that comes to mind right away is XFree86 4.x, but I've 
> seen others) and I am thinking of just turning OFF -O<x> option in my 
> /etc/make.conf.  I'm just wondering how much of an impact this will 
> have on system performance.

Hi Donald!

I'm a newbie, only two months with my FBSD 4.9-RELEASE.

I have this on my /etc/make.conf:

CFLAGS= -O -pipe

And everything works fine (I have compiled all the system, kernel,
ports, etc)

My box is a Intel P4 with HTT enabled, 1024M 333DDR RAM.

I asked about that in freenode (IRC) and these were the settings that
they tell me.

My box is a workstation + mail server + web server.

Excuse my horrible English :-)



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