On Friday 12 March 2004 09:26 am, Chris wrote:
> I installed F-Prot (/usr/ports/security/f-prot) last night and have it
> updating the virus dat via /etc/periodic/daily and have it set to do a
> complete system scan under /etc/periodic/weekly.
> So far the nightly dat update works well - my real question is simply this
> - Has anyone used this port? Is it really something that needs to be added
> since the majority of virii are Windows based.
> I would like to hear users opinions on this. The good, bad and ugly.

I do not use F-Prot; but I do scan for viruses.

1. I don't want to forward a file with a virus to anyone.
2. If a unix-affecting virus gets loose, I don't have to change what I'm 
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