Mohsin Rahman wrote:
Thank you. I will try tun0 as my nat interface. However, if lets say, the
modem drops the connection and the next attempt to access the internet,
wouldn't FreeBSD assign the new ip address to tun1 and basically render
tun0 nat useless? A better solution might be to let do ppp -nat perhaps. I
will test and post my results. Thanks.

You should have ppp do the NAT, yes. If you use ppp with the -auto or -ddial, you can have on-demand dialing where ppp will attempt to bring up the link if it drops. That means NAT should handle the link drop better (since ppp knows to use the new connection's IP), and it also means that your firewall rules can simply use tun0.

/etc/ppp/ppp.conf should contain something like:

 set log local connect ipcp lcp lqm chat
# set log all
 ident user-ppp VERSION (built COMPILATIONDATE)
 enable lqr
 set server 3000 xxxxx
 set timeout 1200                       # 20 minute idle timer
# enable dns                            # request DNS info (for resolv.conf)
 set device PPPoE:fxp0:verizon
 set login
           \"\" AT OK-AT-OK ATE1Q0 OK \\dATDT\\T TIMEOUT 40 CONNECT"
 set urgent udp +53
 set urgent tcp +53
 set urgent udp +123
 set urgent tcp +123
 set ifaddr
 add! default HISADDR                   # Add a (sticky) default route
 nat enable yes
 nat use_sockets yes
 nat same_ports yes
 nat port tcp 6667

 set authname xxxxx
 set authkey xxxxx

[ ... ]

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