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I have over 150 web sites on 2 virtual servers running FreeBSD and Apache.
Instead of continuing to add virtual servers as I expand my hosting customer
base, I'm ready to set up my own server and install it at a local data
center. I have the box and need to format the hard drives, etc., and install

I'm in way over my head. I want to make sure I do it the smart way the first
time. Is there anywhere you can point me for documentation on the (correct)
steps to take, best setup practices, etc.?

The handbook is excellent:

Be very cautious about using third-party guides. The official documentation is likely to be better.

FWIW, this being your first install, my advice would be to plan on installing the OS twice. Do it once, make the inevitable mistakes, learn, then start over and do it again. If you plan on doing this from the outset, you won't feel frustrated and bothered if things go wrong.

Plan your disk use very carefully. This will come back and bite you if you get it wrong. I'd happily give you help with this (mail me offlist) without any charge.

It might be easier to hire someone to come in and do the set up/install for
me (while I watch),

It depends on whether you want to learn about doing this, or just have it done so you can get on. If you're going to be managing the machine yourself, the former might be a good idea so you have a better knowledge from the start. If you read the sections in the handbook about installing, you'll get an idea whether you feel competent to tackle it yourself.

Good luck.


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