Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 15:47:32 +0100
From: kybu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

>SCN> I haven't seen anything in the PR list or -questions just like this.
>SCN> My Compaq 1850 (2x PII-450, 1GByte Ram) boots up the 5.2.1-release
>SCN> miniinst cdrom just fine, loads the kenel, and just after waiting
>SCN> for SCSI devices to settle, panics.
>SCN> It does this with or without devices on the scsi bus.
>SCN> Anyone else have one of these critters working with 5.x?  Otherwise,
>SCN> anyone else have the same/a similar symptom?
>Yeah, I got similar problem on Compaq 1650. I just change the OS
>system type with SmartStart CD to Linux and then it works fine.

Thanks, it almost worked...At least I got past discovering disks.
Now, when booting, it goes past discovering disks, and indicates
/stand/sysinstall is starting on vty0.

After that no joy.  I'm thinking that the vga or keyboard isn't
jiving with the vty system, and that it is running fine, but not
where I can see it.

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