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> I've been trying to boot up a Compaq 1850.  Aside from it hanging
> on booting I noticed that I was booting with 5.2.1-RC, not -release
> So, d/l the latest iso and now the darned machine won't boot from
> the 5.2.1-release cds at all.  Doesn't even see them.  I've booted
> this machine up on 3 or 4 different linuxen, Fbsd4.9, Solaris 8,
> even openDarwin 7.  I've burned several cds of 5.2.1-release-mininst
> but no joy.

Well, I also had once a 1850 as monitoring server, and well, I got the
newer version with P III-500 CPU, not the old one with PII-CPUs.

Was no big joy, I suspect that there are some things lurking around
regarding Compaqs special treatment of register mapping et al.

I had mine running then with 4.8, and well, it worked...

Just my 0.02 Eurocent....


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