Can I use XFree86-3.3.6 server on FreeBSD-4.9 ?

<the long story>
I installed FreeBSD-4.5 on my old 486 VLB computer and x-windows 
worked fine.  This is a sweet old computer, I like to call it the 
fastest 486 in the west; with a 5x86 processor @ 150Mhz and a 50Mhz 
VLB bus and parity ram, it is a very stable and useable computer.

I decided to Upgrade to FreeBSD-4.9, and ended up with XFree86-4.3.
I couldn't get startx to run.  It turns out that the Trio64 is not 
supported in XFree86-4.x.

Can I use XFree86-3.3.6 on FreeBSD-4.9 ?

How do I install XFree86-3.3.6 from my FreeBSD-4.5 distribution?
(it is not in the ports but in separate folders)

What sort of problems might I have with such a configuration?

I searched the mail archives and found a message in freebsd-x11 
titled "please fix your port" by S.C.Gehl in Dec 2003 where they 
complain about x-server not working on a Trio64 after upgrading 
to 4.9.  They are probably having the same problem that I am.

When I first upgraded to FreeBSD-4.9 the Xfree86 port wouldn't 
load, because expat had a package problem.  But I was able to 
start windowmaker so I presume that XFree86-3.3.6 was still 
available.  After I downloaded a version of expat that would 
load and loaded XFree86-4.3 then I couldn't startx.
</the long story>

Jeff Sandys
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