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I have a problem with my mouse which I can't figure out by myself. I hope any of you guys can help me. I tried to include as much information as possible so this eMail is rather long...

Let me first describe my setup a bit as I think it might be related to my problems. I have two computers sitting here, both are connected to the same keyboard, mouse and monitor through one of those KVM switches. The mouse is a Logitech MouseMan Dual Optical. The mouse has a cord and allows for USB and for PS/2 use (adaptor). My mouse is connected as a PS/2 mouse using the adaptor. It is recognized as

  psm0: <PS/2 Mouse> flags 0x100 irq 12 on atkbdc0
  psm0: model IntelliMouse, device ID 3

The first PC is running FreeBSD 4-Stable as a desktop as well as Windows 2000 (mostly to play games). The other one currently runs FreeBSD 4-Stable and is mainly for testing and playing around with and does not run moused(8) nor does it run X. The FreeBSD desktop runs XFree86 4.x.x (the one that comes w/ 4.9-Release) and moused(8). The following lines in /etc/rc.conf are used to start moused(8):


Now, the problem: When I boot FreeBSD and run X (which I always do, it's a desktop system), the mouse very often does not respond at all. Sometimes this is fixed by rebooting the machine. However, sometimes the problem remains after several reboots. Also, Windows sometimes does not recognize the mouse any more, which is really strange to me. I then need to either switch off the PC's PSU or, in case that didn't help, I have to boot windows in 'fail safe mode' or whatever it's called in English . Other times, time is on my side and after trying to boot FreeBSD after an hour or so, it will work again without me doing anything.

These are things I noticed in such situations: When switching to the first console via <ctrl><alt>+<f1>, I don't see any error messages (I probably just don't see them; doesn't mean they're not there). When I log in and check which processes are running, I find moused(8) not running. I am then unable to start moused(8) manually. Many times it complains about an I/O error for /dev/psm0. It happend once (I think) that /dev/psm0 was not there at all. Remaking it via

cd /dev && sh MAKEDEV psm0

made the device file, but did not make moused(8) work. Also, I saw (only one time) a message during booting which looked like

kernel: psm0: failed to open the device (doopen)

but grep(1)'ing through /usr/src/sys did not give me any results where this could come from. This is what I've seen from the software side, but hardware shows some more symptoms: The mouse has got two optical sensors which are usually dimmed while the mouse is not being moved and will be lit as soon as I move the mouse. However, when the fault occurs, the LEDs are constantly blinking brightly but will return to their normal behaviour when switching (using the KVM switch) from one PC to the other (if that one doesn't show the problem at the time).

I've done some googling prior to this post and found many problem reports about users who have problems with their mouse when connecting via a KVM switch. However, this problem I'm facing also occurs when I do not connect through the switch but also when I connect the mouse directly to the port. It has not occured when connecting the mouse to the USB port. I have trouble solving this issue by myself because my knowledge about the hardware involved is very limited and I haven't found any way to reliably reproduce the problem (other than booting the system). I hope that there is somebody out there who can either tell me how to fix this or at least explain why this problem exists and why there isn't any way of fixing this...


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