Eugene Lee wrote:
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I'm a little surprised.  I would think that resizing partitions is a
common request, that the idea of growing one partition while shrinking
another is not a new or rare notion.  Can anyone else share their views
or experiences?  The list archives contain few comments on the subject.

Resizing partitions is a common request. FreeBSD has some support for RAID-0 capabilities, ie concatenation which let one grow a volume or filesystem, but the problem of shrinking an existing partition with data on it is much harder.

That is something that one really wants a backup for, in which case one can take a backup, repartition, and restore your data.

BTW, some places have recommended commercial solution like Norton Ghost
or Partition Magic.  Do these products work on FreeBSD's UFS format and
grok partitions-in-a-slice?

Sorry, I believe the answer is no.

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