On Thu, 11 Mar 2004, Teilhard Knight wrote:

> I am writing my kernel config, and I do not know what wireless driver
> to pick for an  SMC "SMC2662W" USB adapter.

No official support yet...


> If you could also help me configure my wireless Internet reception, I
> will be grateful. I know the Handbook is there, but I have never
> succeeded doing what it says.

man ifconfig

For example my wlan card is /dev/acx0 and I use:

        ifconfig acx0 inet netmask ssid *** wepmode on 
wepkey *** up

Defaultrouter is the Access Point (AP)

        route add default

Add a namesever to /etc/resolv.conf:

        nameserver IP_ADDRESS

If it works, make your configuration permanent using

        /stand/sysinstall -> Configure -> Networking -> Interfaces

or editing /etc/rc.conf directly.

Good luck, Mark Weinem

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