Responding to my ISP to change my IP block, I simply changed
the numbers in  my config files and thought that there
would be no problems. However, for some reason, alias doesn't
want to work from rc.conf.

When I say 'doesn't work', I mean that I cannot ping my nameserver:

If I remove the alias from rc.conf, I can ping the server.
If I add the same alias from the command line, I can still ping
the server.

This does not make sense to me. Should rc.conf and ifconfig from
the command line be the same?

Here are the two commands:

rc.conf - doesn't work:
 ifconfig_sis0_alias0="inet netmask"
 ifconfig_sis0_alias0="inet netmask 0xffffffff
 (tried both - at different times)

ifconfig from command line - works:
 ifconfig sis0 alias netmask 0xffffffff

Any help is appreciated.
Jim Freeze

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