On Friday, 12 March 2004 03:50, Kenneth Culver wrote:
> Well, ATI probably won't ever release FreeBSD drivers. I've been in
> contact with
> a couple of ATI employees, and the most I've been able to get is that one
> guy at ATI might write some drivers in his spare time... if ATI will let
> him release them.
Just recently I read somewhere that there were a couple of guys working on 
porting the ATI Linux FireGL drivers to FreeBSD. Apparently they hang out in 
#ati on irc.freenode.org. I dropped by there and was unable to find out who 
they were, but they do show up.

Also on OSNews or Rage3D some time ago there was talk of an ATI employee (I 
think) who was having problems with the FreeBSD kernel module development of 
the FireGL driver.

Lets hope something comes from all of this.

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