Louis LeBlanc <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I have a strange network question.
> I finally found the vpn client that actually manages to open a
> connection to the Cisco vpn appliance my employer uses with a minimum
> of pain (security/vpnc).  The problem I'm having is making it possible
> for my FreeBSD desktop at work to retain access to my FreeBSD desktop
> at home while the vpn connection is active - in other words, I can
> only get one way access.
> This is why:
> With the vpn connection established, the only way the home machine can
> connect to the work machine (via ssh, for example) is if I route the
> work IP through the vpn device (tun1 in my case).  Problem is that
> when work tries to connect, home tries to route the response through
> the vpn.

Why shouldn't it do just that?  It's sending a packet to the same
address, why wouldn't it send the packet the same way?
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