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> have a question: suppose I've pkg_add'ed a pkg-B-1.1 on which a pkg-A depends, 
> later I've pkg_add'ed the next v. of pkg-B-1.2.... now `pkg_delete pkg-B-1.1` 
> says that pkg-A depends on it....
> May I use ``force'' to deinstall oldest version... or I must keep all the tree 
> for old dependant pkgs to work fine?

Essentially yes.  However, you should 'pkg_delete -f' the old version
of pkg-B first, and then pkg_add the new one.  (Mostly because the
different versions of pkg-B will have a large number of files in
common, and pkg_delete will delete them even if they really belong to
the newer version.)

You'll still find that pkg-A says it depends on the older version of
pkg-B -- you can either ignore this, as it has no effect on the
functionality of pkg-A, or you can delete and re-install pkg-A after
you do pkg-B, or you can go into /var/db/pkg/pkg-A/ and edit the
+REQUIRED_BY file to correct the version numbers.

Or you can install portupgrade, in which case all you need to do is
copy the pkg-B-1.2.tgz file to /usr/ports/packages/All and then run
the command:

    # portupgrade -f -P pkg-B

and all of the necessary deleting and re-installing and fiddling with
the /var/db/pkg/ files will be done for you.



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