I've just had a disk (pretty much) fail on me.

  I'd been suspect of it for some time now, but finally confirmed it
with a reinstall to 5.2.1 when GEOM started removing it for me ;)  Some
more tests with smartmontools (http://smartmontools.sourceforge.net/)
indicate read failures at the same position on the disk.

  This problem is made worse by the fact that this is a 100GB disk, part
of a Vinum RAID-0 array (together with two more 120GB disks).

  I have managed to get my hands on a 123GB disk for backing up the data
to to.  I know I am going to have to use dd for this, but this is
something I've never done before (short of a quick flirt with floppy
images, etc.)

  Since GEOM has previously removed the volume when it hit the bad area
I need to know if I can disable this to recover as much data as possible
(some is better than none).  If this requires installing 4 then that's
how I'll have to do it.

  Basically I would like to ask -questions if anybody has any advice
(other than ``you should have made backups'' -- I was in the process of
buying a 3Ware RAID card for this purpose ;) as to how I should go about
this.  Anything at all... I'm pretty desperate at this point!

  Thanks very much,


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