Lucas Holt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I'm having a problem booting FreeBSD 5.2.1 using a 5.2.1 release CD.
> The system hangs when mounting the / partition on md0.  (memory disk i
> think)  I never make it to the gui installer.  It does work if i use
> safe mode.
> System hardware:
> Athelon XP 2000+   (266mhz fsb)
> PC2100  256mb ram
> 40 gig maxtor ata 133 hdd
> ASUS nforce2 based motherboard with onboard NIC
> Nvidia geforce 2 AGP video  64mb
> Looking on the freebsd website, I noticed that it could be a problem
> with ACPI or maybe the IDE controller.  Is there a way to disable this
> on the installed version?  I'm hoping its the ACPI and not the ata133
> ide controller.  The ide controller is the nforce2 which the release
> notes say it supports.

There's a boot menu with ASCII art of the FreeBSD daemon, 
at which you can select "no ACPI"...
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