you can also write a script, cp -p the logfile and immediatly after that :>
the file

cp -p oldfile newfile && :> oldfile
this keeps the file descriptors intact and might work

Since i cannot test this, it's just a guess.



Kind regards,

Remko Lodder Dutch community for helping newcomers on the

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[mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Wayne Sierke
Verzonden: maandag 15 maart 2004 13:00
Aan: Bart Silverstrim
CC: FreeBSD Questions Mailing List
Onderwerp: Re: log rotation

On Mon, 2004-03-15 at 10:37, Bart Silverstrim wrote:
> Quick questions:
> I've run across some mumblings in the ClamAV lists about Clamd not
> logging anymore (or not scanning anymore?) when the maximum
> logfile size is reached.  Is anyone in FreeBSD running this, and if so,
> are you using Newsyslog to rotate the logs?  What are your settings
> (how would I set it up)?
Having recently installed clamav I was interested in getting log
rotation enabled too (5.2-RELEASE). As an experiment I set the when
entry in newsyslog.conf to 1 hour. After the log rotation I'm not
getting any new entries written to the logfile. I believe I saw
somewhere someone claiming that logrotate was working for them (but
probably on Linux). Might have to try that instead.


> Elaborations:
> I didn't know what would be a safe way to do this, since I also have
> an every-four-hour update running for the clamav and I didn't know
>   what would happen if
> A) the update for the database falls at a moment when the log is
>   rotating
> B) I didn't find the "proper" way to rotate the log so Clamd doesn't
> have an open file handle on a log being rotated and/or have clamd
> try writing to the file while it's being rotated
> C) how can clamd have the file rotated without being "temporarily
> disabled" running into problems because that disabled clamd may
> be called on in that period by amavisd-new to do a virus scan on
> a mail message...
> Anyone got a good log rotation scheme in place to handle this
> automatically without running into problems?
> Thanks!
> -Bart
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