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Bart Silverstrim wrote:
I haven't tried it on Exim, but I've had mostly good luck with ClamAV (need to work on the log rotation question
>>>>> I've posted previously about, though...)

Speaking of that log question, have you been able to prove (substantiate may be a better word) that this happens? also note that newsyslog has the ability to -HUP a process when it rotates a log file (for details on how to do this, take a look at apache log rotation howtos).

I have been seeing several posts to the clamav-users list about it happening, that once it hits the quota limit for the logfile size that it will stop working. Has it happened to me yet? no...my logfile hasn't reached the 5 meg limit yet :-)
I do need to find a way to rotate the log though. I'm just waiting to find someone that can say "yes, I'm running clamav, and using newsyslog to rotate the log, here's the line I use in the conf file to do it and here's the line I use in the clamav.conf file to get it to work..."

> Hey, if you get a working rotation configuration for Clamd, please do
share! :-) I've got a production server holding it's own in proving open source software is a viable alternative to the commercial fellas for our school district, and I don't need to have our mail system go belly up because of an overgrown logfile :-)

Clamd log rotation:

first and foremost, make sure that clamav is gonna drop a pidfile. in /usr/local/etc/clamav.conf, uncomment:

# This option allows you to save the process identifier of the listening
# daemon (main thread).
PidFile /var/run/clamd.pid

then, add the following (one line) to /etc/newsyslog.conf

/var/log/clamd.log                      644  3     *    $W0D1 BJ \
    /var/run/clamd.pid  1

this will rotate the log once a week, keep 3 of them (current log +3 weeks). it will also compress the old one with bzip2 and SIGHUP the clamd process. seems to work just fine for me, running clamav-devel on -current (Mar 3 or so right now)


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