I had a failed disk in my RAID-0 Vinum array.  This was a physical disk
problem and in an attempt to recover as much data as possible I dd'ed it
to another disk (dd if=ad3 of=ad1 bs=8192 conv=noerror).

  This has mostly gone fine (bar the I/O errors that were to be
expected) and I can actually start vinum and mount the RAID-0 array with
no trouble (Vinum reports no errors I can see).  I don't really know how
I can test the integrity of files from the replaced disk...

  I attempted to fsck the volume before I mounted it but I first had to
restore the superblock for the volume (tunefs -A /dev/vinum/data), which
worked fine.  However (and this is my real problem), fsck_ufs
/dev/vinum/data gives the following message:

** /dev/vinum/data
cannot alloc 4316869296 bytes for inphead


  Searching about doesn't reveal much of any use -- Google Groups has a
few of these errors for Solaris, so I assume it to be a fairly
``generic'' UFS error (?)

  Any suggestions what I can do now?  I am expecting corruption on my
array but I thought some corruption was better than nothing at all.  Am
I way off thinking that I can do this?

  I've not included many specific details here because I don't know if
they are relevant.  Just ask if I've missed anything and I'll provide it
right away.  Thanks a lot,


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