On Mon, 15 Mar 2004, Terrac Skiens wrote:

>  Hello All,
>   I have been running a FreeBSD system for fun & semi-pro uses
> for about 4 years. In all that time I only upgraded the Hard
> Disk once. That upgrade came at the same time as an OS upgrade,
> and at that time the server was used for much less. Now the
> applications, configuration, and data are all very important to
> me.
>   So now it's time to upgrade again. and I want to migrate all
> the data from one disk (20gb) to another (80gb). Does anyone
> know of a way of imaging one drive onto the other? Idealy I
> would like to increase some of the slices as well, but that may
> not be possible.
An alternative to imaging is a tool like pax (or tar),
which can copy filesystems instead of slices and - that is the
important part - preserve all user and group permissions,
creation dates and links (your system won't do anything anymore
without these).
Thus you are independent of existing slice structures on your old

Please be careful and have a look and the manuals and google.



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