That's a nice list if not a bit over enthusiastic, some of the things that you listed as being easy
aren't necessarily easy... postfix, erp, crm, apache... software like that needs much configuration.

FreeBSD is a foundation and framework for allowing trusted tools to work cooperatively in a stable,
secure fashion and is generally open source. Excluding of course some GPL utilities which we
BSD people tolerate mainly since we tend to need them. One of the points I agreed with the most
is that it may reduce your staff, but it's a multipart point.
1. going to have trouble finding people who aren't saturated by linux ideology.
2. going to have trouble finding people capable of administering large networks.
3. going to have trouble finding people who can maintain work by previous maintainers.

that's probably 3 of the most common problems. This is a world where software engineer,
point & click happy child and gui dependent tinkerer tend to be classified into the same category.

I think the best comparison would be

FreeBSD x 1000 computers = Cheap
Windows x 1000 computers = Hahahahah oh ahahah... or how about 1000 computer virus infection HAHAH whew

Thank You.

At 09:37 AM 3/16/2004 +0100, jsha wrote:

my dear open sourcerers,

i am writing this letter to ask for your assistance in advocating
open source and in particular freebsd for the enterprise.

today i've assembled some information relating to the ever-increasing
benefits of our community, and i was hoping for input from you all
juniors and seniors out there -- again i have a case here where some
microsoft fans is in need of enlightenment -- and along with advanced
visualization (lightwave + flash) i tend to make _the_ open source
advocation which i'll distribute freely to anyone who is or ever will
be in the same situation as me.

please note, i tried making this document as simple as possible.

thank you.

******************************************************** [begin]

        | WHERE WE ARE


        - Having a slow network
        - Using Microsoft Windows
        - Paying for Closed Source software
        - Viruses/worms/trojans


        - Having a number of computers
        - Having access to the Internet
        - Being open to new ideas

        | FREEBSD


- Might reduce your staff


        - Free to anyone
        - Created the Internet
        - Worldwide development
        - Reliable and secure
        - Sophisticated

* Contains over 9000 free softwares.

        * Easily install any of the services that is critical to
          the Internet: Apache (websites), MySQL (databases), Postfix
          (e-mail), OpenSSL (encryption)

        * Comes with powerful and free ERP/CRM solutions, office and
          multimedia tools.

        * Because of it's unique architecture, no virus has ever
          successfully penetrated its shields.

        * Easily emulate, or "impersonate" Windows, so software
          native to Windows can run in a virtual environment.

* Designed and implemented with remote management in mind.

        * Its open source ensures that these development efforts will
          be continued well into the future.

        | COMPARISON

        Reliability, FreeBSD:
        - Extremely robust
        - Servers remain active for years
        - Filesystem optimized for high performance
        - Excellent memory management

        Reliability, Windows:
        - The infamous "Blue Screen"
        - Uses a lot of system resources
        - Servers remain active only for a few months
        - Filesystem gets fragmented
        - Memory gets corrupt

        Performance, FreeBSD:
        - Choice for high performance network applications
        - Outperforms ANY operating system on equivalent hardware
        - The largest server on the Internet runs FreeBSD,
          including Yahoo, Qwest and even Hotmail!

        Performance, Windows:
        - Adequate for routine desktop apps
        - But, it is unable to handle heavy network loads.

        Security, FreeBSD:
        - Subject to massive auditing
        - Completely deny access with kernel security levels
        - Packet filtering firewall system
        - Network intrusion detection tools
        - Extensive other built-in security modules
        - Rarely reported on CERT

        Security, Windows:
        - No guarantee
        - Being closed source, there is no way to fix or diagnose
          any of the security compromises regularly published
          about Microsoft systems

        Compatibility, FreeBSD:
        - Run both BSD and Linux binaries
        - Supports network connection with Windows machines
        - Emulates virtual Windows environments or Windows binaries

        Compatibility, Windows:
        - Excellent hardware support


        In a position where information is managed and organized
        into powerful databases. Open Source provides the database
        MySQL -- a free alternative with equal performance to
        the Windows database Oracle, whose drawback is its high

        Based on the right database you need the right ERP+CRM
        solution. You'd pretty much want to choose Compiere, to
        fully integrate the "front office" with the "back office".
        Compiere all areas of customer relationship management
        and enterprise resource management.

        For anything else, members of the Terrabionic consortium
        will apply their advanced programming skills (C/C++, Perl
        and Python) to make our request come true.

        General management:
           Customers            > Database
           Affiliates           > Database
           Tickets              > Database
           Schedules            > Database
           Website              > Database
           Forum                > Database

        ERP/CRM management:
           Order process        > Database
           Point of sales       > Database
           Accounting           > Database
           Inventory            > Database
           Distribution         > Database

********************************************************** [end]


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