[ du(1) accuracy ]

On Tue, Mar 16, 2004 at 12:17:12PM -0600, Henning, Brian wrote:
> The only reason why I question it is when I lookup the size in windows
> (the directory is shared with samba) I see it as less.
> >From bsd: 390     /home/henninb/jpg
> >From windows: 372KB windows
> Is it because of the share or the change in platform?

Hmmm.. that's only a 5% difference: unlikely to be due to differences
in blocksize.  I'd guess that both OSes will manage the trivial task
of adding up the size of all the files under that directory without
making silly errors.  I guess there's something which either isn't
included in the share as produced by Samba, or that Windows assumes it
can ignore, validly on a native Windows filesystem but not on a Samba
share.  On the whole though I wouldn't worry about it too much -- it's
"good enough for Government work".



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