lars wrote:

Bob Perry wrote:


I'm preparing to run a security patch on my system and was
instructed to download the patch and verify the PGP signature
using your PGP utility.

I'm not familiar with the PGP utility but it clearly sounds like
something I should have.  There are a number of pgp-type
ports available.  Are there any more suited for simple file

Bob Perry



I installed gnupg-1.2.4_1, The GNU Privacy Guard, & read over the README
and HOWTOs. Ran into a problem re "...unsafe ownership of the main
configuration file...." Searched the mailing list archives with little luck
but, more importantly, the users' mailing list was unavailable.

My objective was to just install a security patch. Is the file verification
step really necessary? Any suggestions/comments regarding other
pgp-like security utilities?


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