Norhisham Khalil <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> i'm trying to install openoffice 1.1.1RC on FreeBSD 5.2.1 release.
> i also have jdk14 installed thru ports
> at first openoffice give error it could not find jdk13
> i have uninstalled jdk14 and  installed jdk13
> when i try to install openoffice again, it's installing jdk14
> as a result i'm suffering from insufficient disk for/usr.  i have 6G for
> /usr
> i only have XFree86 with fluxbox, firefox, thunderbird and java ,
> linux/compat 
> i've also removed /usr/src /usr/obj and /usr/home only 1.3MB
> and yes, i did portsclean -DLC 
> now, it's installing jdk14 despite jdk13 is installed
> on linux discussion, it is suggested to install OO without java
> how do i install openoffice without java with ports?

The port is under construction at the moment.  I told is explicitly to
use my installed java:
 make CONFIGURE_ARGS+="--with-jdk-home=/usr/local/jdk1.4.2"
which solves that problem, but I haven't gotten it all the way built
yet, so I can't be sure that's all you need to know.

This particular problem seems to be caused by the makefile using
JDKDIR and JAVAVM before defining them.  It looks like the definitions
should be able to just get moved up, so I'm trying that, but it hasn't
gotten far yet.

Building OpenOffice is a huge effort anyway; the port isn't kidding
about needing 4GB free for build space, and it takes a long time.
On the system I'm trying to build it on, I have a slow processor and
insufficient disk space, so I'm mounting the port and the build space
over the network.  I wouldn't be surprised if it takes a week to build.
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