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>  Le 05/03/2004  22:05:25-0700, Scott Long a crit
> > On Sun, 29 Feb 2004, Chad Leigh -- Shire.Net LLC wrote:

> > > Now the machine, when it tries to check the two aacd volumes on this
> > > controller, [... :]
> > >
> > > aac0: COMMAND 0xc551a7e8 TIMEOUT AFTER 147 SECONDS

This is an old experience and it may not be relevant, but ...

About four years ago, on FreeBSD 4.2 or 4.3, I saw a similar problem.  The
actual message was a bit different (and I don't recall it exactly), and
sometimes the machine continued to run, sometimes not.

It turned out that, in the 2U box we were designing, we had the SCSI cable
folded and twisted too tightly, and two of the connectors were a few cm.
too close.  (We had either four or six drives in this box.)  We were lucky
enough to be able to get one of the FreeBSD SCSI driver's authors to look
things over, and after a couple of days with the box he decided that there
really was a problem in hardware and taught us about the care and feeding
of SCSI cables.  Part of the solution was shortening a long run of the
cable that forced us to fold it.  (The lab prototype was  built with an
off-the-shelf cable.)

  Mark Terribile

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