At 07:15 3/17/2004, stepan wrote:
>a> On Wed, 17 Mar 2004 5:19 pm, stepan wrote:
>>> hello all!
>>> Advise Rack Mount a server 1U for installation FreeBSD.
>>> Stepan

>a> You dont say what it is for so it is a little difficult to answer 
>a> definitivly.  However I know that the ibm x305 does a good job as a
>a> firewall.
>a> What do you want it to do?
>In general is unimportant, loading will be small. The main thing - that
>was not special difficulties in installation and adjustment (NIC, fan 
>system, etc.)
>So, do you can offer other brands/models?
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Hi Stepan,

Just about any good 1U server will work with FreeBSD.  Here are some
high-end servers:

Start Here to Find It Fast! ->

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