On Sun, 2004-03-14 at 06:16, Dancho Penev wrote:
> On Sat, Mar 13, 2004 at 12:00:40PM -0500, Robert Fitzpatrick wrote:
> >From: Robert Fitzpatrick <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> >Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2004 12:00:40 -0500
> >Subject: Changing configuration options for ports
> >
> >I've posted this question about building GSSAPI into my Cyrus-SASL port
> On principle to compile any port with kerberos support (if the port has
> such) it is enogh to set KRB5_HOME variable in /etc/make.conf. For
> illiustration I use MIT Kerberos and in my make.conf I have:
> ...
> KRB5_HOME=    /usr/local
> ...
> According to sasl2 Makefile that will do the trick, but I'm not sure
> because I don't use sasl2.

Still struggling to either build Heimdal-0.6 with LDAP support -or-
verify it is there. I see the KRB5_HOME in the sasl2 Makefile, but it
does not look like this helps in the Heimdal Makefile. I added
WITH_LDAP=yes to the /etc/make.conf and still no luck. No one on the
Heimdal list seems to know how I can verify the support it there. I am
going on the fact that when Heimdal init's a realm, it creates a file on
the disk instead of looking in the 'ldap:
ou=KerberosPrincipals,dc=example,dc=com'. I am entering the following in
the /etc/krb5.conf file and restarting /etc/rc.d/kerberos and
/etc/rc.d/kadmind. Then doing the init EXAMPLE.COM:

        database = {
                dbname = ldap:ou=KerberosPrincipals,dc=example,dc=com
                mkey_file = /var/heimdal/m-key

Can anyone here tell me how to confirm if the LDAP support is in fact
built into my Heimdal dist?


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