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Try looking at ports. there are a bunch of free AV software there for
free. [I'm thinking of clamav and amavisd-new, downloading that now as i

Also, f-prot has a free version for FreeBSD (personal use). I love it.

also i was wondering too if there are any recommendations for a good
AV/spam combo for email running qmail & courier/imap?

Anyone have any experiences that I could try emulating?

Well, I use qmail-scanner on one of my setups, along with f-prot. qmail-scanner also plugs in spamassassin at the same time, so it takes care of both. F-prot has a wonderful script which I run as a cron job, and every night it downloads and sets up the new virus databases.. requires no maintenance on my part.

Personally, I don't run spamassassin, as I block spam at the SMTP level through qmail rblsmtp blacklists that I built, and other layered measures at the .qmail file level..

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