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Hmmm... Either your clock is a few days out, or it took 3 days for
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> I am trying to install xmms.  When I run sysinstall, I first have to
> change the location to something else because 5.0-RELEASE is not there.
> I have been choosing 5.0-CURRENT instead, and that seems to at least get
> me into the list of available packages.

First of all, FreeBSD-5.0 is obsolete and buggy -- you should
certainly be thinking about updating.

Secondly, sysinstall(8) is meant to be a tool for installing the
system, not as a general system administration tool.  Once you've got
the system up and running, there's the whole panoply of system tools
available to you.  In your case, that would be pkg_add(1).  For a
supported release, the command to install xmms would be:

    # pkg_add -r xmms

which will search the appropriate release directory for the xmms
package, download it and install it.  It will also do the same for any
prerequisite packages.

Now, since the packages-5.0-release directory has gone from the FTP
servers, you need to make pkg_add look in the packages-5-current
directory. You do that by setting PACKAGESITE in your environment:


    # setenv PACKAGESITE 

(sh, bash)

    # PACKAGESITE=ftp://ftp.freebsd.org/pub/FreeBSD/ports/i386/packages-5-current/All 

If there is still a problem with the expat package, you should get a
reasonable error message out of pkg_add(1).
> When I try in install the xmms-1.2.10 package, one of the dependency
> packags fails to install right away. (expat-1.95.6_1)  All it says is
> error code 1 - see debug screen for more info...  How do I find the 
> debug screen?

The debug screen comes from the Install process -- where you'ld type
Alt-F2 to get to it.  If you just run sysinstall from the shell, I
don't think that's going to be accessible to you.



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