* JJB <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2004-03-18 07:30]:
> *.err;kern.debug;auth.notice;mail.crit          /dev/console
> That would be this
> *.err;kern.none;auth.none;mail.none          /dev/console
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> [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Behalf Of Doug Hardie
> Sent: Wednesday, March 17, 2004 7:57 PM
> Subject: Syslog
> FreeBSD 4.6.  I have a server running that logs to syslog for
> recording
> interesting information.  It uses LOG_DAEMON facility so give the
> standard syslog.conf entries of:
> *.err;kern.debug;auth.notice;mail.crit          /dev/console
> *.notice;kern.debug;lpr.info;mail.crit;news.err /var/log/messages
> all of those records go to both console and messages in addition to
> the
> desire file specified with a ! statement.  Is there a way to modify
> the
> statements above such that log entries from the specified program
> are
> not sent to console or messages?  I couldn't find anything in the
> man
> pages on this.  I had thought I could add a "!prog" after mail.crit
> in
> the first entry to do that, but it appears that my memory is
> corrupt.

This is more of a question, but could the lines above simply
be commented out?

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