On Thu, Mar 18, 2004 at 06:26:29AM -0800, siavash mahjoob wrote:
> hi dear mr or mrs
> i have freebsd-5.0 in my computer.i install
> qpopper-4.0.5 in my machine. then check with
> telnet localhost 110 then install openssl-0.9.7d with
> stunnel-3.26.
> i use this command   stunnel -d 995 -p
> /usr/local/ssl/certs/stunnel.pem -r localhost:pop3.
> when i want connect with outlook express,i recive this
> message in bash(freebsd mashine):
> SSL_read (SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL): connection reset by peer
> (45)

Hmmm.. That should work.  What are you using for your stunnel.pem
cert?  If it's singed by a regular CA then it should work fine.  If
it's self-signed some clients may reject it.  Can you try using a
different mail client - like Netscape or Evolution or pine or mutt -
which should show if the problem is with OE or with your
stunnel+qpopper setup.

You could also try an alternative pop3s server -- there is the one
included with the mail/uw-imap software, for instance, although you
should make sure to compile the port with WITH_SSL_AND_PLAINTEXT=yes
if you want both encrypted and plaintext servers, or I've heard some
very good things about mail/dovecot.



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