I'm trying to upgrade openssl 0.9.7d from 0.9.7c and am having a
really rough time. I downloaded the 9.7d tarball and untarred it in
/usr/src. I did a ./config, make, and make install. It seems to have
placed the new openssl libraries in a different location than where the
original ones were installed:

# locate libcrypto.a

  What is the best way to over-write the base install? I've considered
adding /usr/local/ssl/lib to the /var/run/ld-elf.so.hints file but I can't
find a way to modify the order so that /usr/local/ssl/lib/ is checked
before /usr/lib.

  Is that the route I should be taking, or is there a better way? I have
considered using the openssl port to do the upgrade, but I would rather
use a tarball because I have built apache/mod_ssl/openssl together.

   - Jamie

Greetings from Minneapolis, MN, United States

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