On Mar 18, 2004, at 3:42 PM, Jerry McAllister wrote:

Yup. I do it manually - just hit that nice big Enter/Return key between
a couple of word when I get out around that far.

Which is why, on my mailer, quoting you gives a full line then one word then a line...it kind of reminds me of a person I knew in college who typed his first multipage essay with the hard linefeeds at the end of each line instead of the end of each paragraph, then made a change near the beginning and foobar'd his formatting for the whole document... :-)

That's all too complicated. It is really because many people read their mail on text only readers - such as on a console without much gui stuff or whatever. So, the stuff either just wraps at lousy places and runs stuff together or it ignores all the html or other markup junk that clutters up the message file and splats it all out on the screen just as it gets it which is hard to read.

In the FAQ (and the conversation I had with the person on the OS X lists), it isn't HTML, and it isn't a GUI thing. Format=flowed works in several console programs, from what the FAQ said.

Re: HTML, the FAQ said:
No. Nothing. Format=flowed applies solely to plain-text messages. HTML messages already have something functionally equivalent to f=f: the <BLOCKQUOTE> attribute, which... um... quotes blocks of text. When f=f mailers that also can handle HTML encounter <BLOCKQUOTE> text, it’s usually marked up with the same excerpt bars we’re familiar with from f=f. Format=flowed isn’t actually at work there, but since <BLOCKQUOTE> text flows nicely when you resize a window, the effect is the same.

A return in there usuall doesn't mess up the gui Email readers.  They
tend to ignore it.  But it sure helps text based Email readers.

Actually, it is displaying oddly in my MUA...because of the hard returns mixed with the f=f.

Incidentally, can others on the list verify where my mail is wrapping? I was working with someone offlist to see if, in Mail.app, my wrapping is affected by the size of the composition window when I send the message. I noticed that quirk in a few other OS X apps when working with printing documents...WYSIWYG taken to an extreme :-)

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