At 21:45 3/18/2004, Gary Kline, wrote:
>       People,
>       I'm upgrading my hub from a 5-port hub and thought I would check 
>       with this list to see if the Linksys EFAH08W is still a good
>       deal.  If there is somethng other that would work equally well
>       on my FreeBSD netwrk, please le me know.  (I've had good luck
>       with Linksys, but have read some negative comments.....)
>       thanks much,
>       gary

Hey Gary,

If there is a possibility that you will have some heavy traffic
at times, the best hub is a switch!  You are likely to have
less bandwidth wasting collisions during high traffic periods.

NetGear switches seem to provide very good value for me.

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