> >I installed Freebsd 5.1-release.
> >
> >I then installed lynx from the ports system
> >without problem.
> >
> >I then installed apache13 from ports without
> >problem.
> >
> >When I tried to install mysql323-client.  I did
> >this by cd /usr/ports/databases/mysql323-client.
> >I then did a make.  It trundled away for a while,
> >and eventually errored out.
> >
> >configure: error: Your compiler cannot convert a 
> >longlong value to a float!
> >
> >I tried to install mysql323-server but it errored
> >out the same way.
> >
> >Any ideas why it won't compile ?  I checked the
> >version of gcc the system is using, and the 
> >man page say gcc-3.2.1.
> >  
> >
> Do you have to use mysql323-client? Did you tried the newest mysql 
> client from the newest port tree?
I was trying to install mysql323-client on a machine.  I wanted the same
mysql version as what is on my production box.  So, I'd prefer not to
install mysql40-client.

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