Sorry if I  didn't make my question clear.  I know my NIC card driver,
the problem is when I start up BSD as a guest OS in vmware, it responds that
it can't find a route to the network and I was inquiring if there
was a different  driver needed under vmware bridged-to-network.

Thanks for the response.


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>  Date:  Thu, 18 Mar 2004 15:28:34 -0500 (EST)
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>  From:  Jerry McAllister <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>  Subject:  Re: FreeBSD as vmware guest OS and net
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>  > I have a box with w2k as the primary OS and FreeBSD 4.9-stable installed
>  > as a dual-boot.  I also have vmware 4 installed under w2k with
>  > bsd as the guest OS.  My problem is I can't get bsd to talk to
>  > the network card.  What settings do I need and/or network driver do I
>  > need to set???
>  Generally you can figure out the NIC driver by looking through
>  the boot messages.   use  dmesg(8)  to look at the file of
>  messages.    When you find some text looking like it is talking
>  about a NIC, then take the two leter code it is referring to and
>  use it as your driver - in the kernel.
>  On the machine I am currently on it looks like:
>  em0: <Intel(R) PRO/1000 Network Connection, Version - 1.7.16> 
>     port 0xdf40-0xdf7f mem 0xfeae0000-0xfeafffff irq 9 at device 12.0 on pci1
>  em0:  Speed:N/A  Duplex:N/A
>  So the driver is  'em'  in this case.
>  ////jerry
>  > 
>  > Jim
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