My tape unit has been giving me problems on one server.  So I did a
dump over ssh to another box with a working tape like this:

  dump -0u -a -b 64 -f - /dev/da1s1e | ssh [EMAIL PROTECTED] dd of=/dev/nrsa0 

Then to check the dump on srv2 I did

  restore -i -f /dev/nrsa0

which came back and said the tape block size was different than the
dump block size.... or something like that.

>From my reading of the dump man page the -b parm controlled the block
size of the chunks that dump wrote, but was NOT connected to the
actual block size of the tape.  Since this tape is a variable block
device, I went ahead and set -b to the max...

But now what do I do about restore? 

Is there a better way to control tape block size when piping through
ssh?  ie, dd of=/dev/nrsa0 bs=512??  But then what meaning does the -b
parm have in dump?

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