> Hi list, I've this network configuration:
> router (
> server1 ( running bind (named), tacacs+, exim, and a pop3
> server
> server2 ( running squid, apache2, mysql, proftpd (is
> acting
> as a GATEWAY)
> I've a LAN ( and a breaking apart "LAN" (,
>,, my question is: I want to protect my LAN,
> "LAN" and servers from the outside, I want to use ipfw, I have compiled a
> kernel in server2 (FreeBSD-4.8 on both servers) and I'm blocked (in &
> out),
> I've some doubts about adding rules 'cause I've been seeing so many
> samples
> on the net and I'm a little bit confused...any suggestion about
> configuration ???

one thing that I learned was to make sure when you start opening ports (IE
you have DENY ALL as default) that you start with the lowest port number..
 I for the life of me could not get SMTP working, so I moved it from the
bottom of my IPFW rules to the top, and walla it worked.  If you would
like I can post my IPFW rules.  They are extemly simple for my SSH, POP3,
SMTP, NTP, IMAP, BIND8 setup...
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