On Fri, Mar 19, 2004 at 01:53:04PM -0500, Scott I. Remick wrote:
> I'm thinking about setting up a FreeBSD-based CMS/intranet and wanted to
> know what other people were doing.

you should at least read through some of the material on zope. its
well maintained in the ports collection -- take a look at the zope cmf
and plone material

> I'm also concerned about Plone using its own webserver. I feel very good
> using Apache as I've a lot of experience with it, and I like the idea of
> delegating components to groups with that strength. I also don't know
> Python, but could try and learn if Plone was worth it.

most people run zope/cmf/plone in back of apache with mod_proxy and

> What are other people doing for CMS on FreeBSD? Just how different is Plone
> from the *Nukes? Are there fundamental differences I need to understand?
> Can I do everything I want to with Plone without having to become a Python
> expert, code my own modules, etc? 

don't know anything about Nukes but Plone is very good.

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