I'm going to be doing some development work with a few databases in a
regulated environment. Needless to say, I need some serious storage for
running test versions. But for the reasons I won't bore you with, I'll want
them just to run on my workstation. So I need an oomph workstation with a
fair amount of storage. I'll build it myself so I can have my choice of
components. (I'm looking at dual Opteron!) 

Here's the thing. I'd prefer SCSI drives for their performance and
reliability but I can't stand the noise they tend to generate. Is anyone out
there acquainted with a SCSI model that runs fairly quietly? It doesn't have
to be the most blazingly fast model out there; I'm willing to sacrifice some
performance (though not reliability) for quiet. I do have to work near the
thing. Some noise is fine. It's the high-pitched squeal I get from the
drives in the server room that kills me.

Failing that, does anyone have experiences, positive or negative, with the
various drive-noise dampeners on the market?


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