On Thu, 18 Mar 2004 19:45:12 -0800
Gary Kline <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>       People,
>       I'm upgrading my hub from a 5-port hub and thought I would
>       check with this list to see if the Linksys EFAH08W is still a
>       good deal.  If there is somethng other that would work equally
>       well on my FreeBSD netwrk, please le me know.  (I've had good
>       luck with Linksys, but have read some negative comments.....)

I would suggest advoiding hubs, as switches are uber cheap nodays and
give better performace... multiple collision zones and traffic is not
broadcast to everyone.

I am currently using a Zonet ZFS3008... it is cheap and works
nicely... had one die on me from over heating thought... this on runs
a lot cooler thought. Forget what model the one that died after a year
was, but it had the LEDs on top and the power plug on the opasite side
the the RJ45 connectors.
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