Sayeth Volpes:

I would suggest advoiding hubs, as switches are uber cheap nodays and
give better performace... multiple collision zones and traffic is not
broadcast to everyone.

I am currently using a Zonet ZFS3008... it is cheap and works
nicely... had one die on me from over heating thought... this on runs
a lot cooler thought. Forget what model the one that died after a year
was, but it had the LEDs on top and the power plug on the opasite side
the the RJ45 connectors.


I have a small nit to pick. There are times when a hub is just the
thing. NTOP and ETHEREAL are my favorite examples for this (especially
in a small environment, when management won't spend for a managed switch
that can mirror/span ports) but there are other reasons as well when you
might want a machine to see all of the traffic coming across the wire.


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