[Jerry McAllister]
>[Joey Mingone]
>> [Jerry McAllister]
>>> Another early guess might also be overheating problems.  I am not sure
>>> how you would check other than trying to make it cooler.
>> Could be.. although I have almost always had the case open and I have
>> two case fans.  The CPU temp is usually in the 40s or 50s C (not too bad
>> for a 1.6GHz Athlon) and the memory is usually around 25C.  ..but maybe
>> I'll try pointing a fan at it.

The case fans won't help much with the case open.

> Actually, I mean the disk overheating.  They do that and they get worse
> at it as they age too.

> Also, some cases are designed to aid in the cooling and so with
> the case open, the airflow is either not properly directed or it
> doesn't get enough of a Bernouli or hydraulic effect...  Of course, 
> if it is a generic case that is probably not a consideration.

Well, my tower box doesn't have any special baffles (yet) but if I operate it
with both side panels off and push the CPU hard it will reset, and if I check
the CPU heat sink I find it unusually warm.  Without the forced circulation
from either the exhaust fans above and to the rear or the inlet fan that I
have on my disk drives, the CPU fan appears to draw back too much of the warm
air it ejects below, hence the trend toward putting a side inlet vent on the
machine -- a very bad idea, since it means that you can't place the machine
up against another one.  (The new BTX spec addresses this, but it looks like
it introduces other problems.)

I suggest that Joey check the temperature of the drive as he usually runs it,
then again after running with the box closed.

    Mark Terribile

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