On Friday, 19 March 2004 at 17:22:17 -0800, Me wrote:
> I'm using vinum Raid-1.
>  I have figured out how to recover from a failed disk.
>  Does any one know what to do if the disk that has the
>  vinum configuration/OS fails?

All Vinum drives have two copies of the configuration.  They would all
have to fail before you lose the configuration.

>  lets say I have a disk with a vinum partition on it and I want to
>  create a mirror out of it on an entire new system. how do i
>  accomplish this.

Can you be a bit more specific?  Are you trying to move data from one
system to another?  "Vinum partitions" are not the way to look at
things: a vinum partition doesn't need to have any Vinum data on it,
for example.

> I've search quite a bit but most senarios only show how to recover a
> failed drive that doesnt contain the OS.

I suppose you mean the root file system.  There shouldn't be any
difference, but that depends on exactly what you want to do.  Can you
explain in terms of volumes and plexes?

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