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wrote Joey Mingrone thusly...
> On March 19, 2004 18:37, Parv wrote:
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> > wrote Joey Mingrone thusly...
> >
> > > I've been having problems with my western digital drive
> >
> > What that has to do w/ the thread discussing wget & proxy
> > problem?
> > People, kindly do not hijack a thread; start a new one.  Thanks
> > for your cooperation in future.
> Sorry about that.  I think I got lazy and just replied to a
> message and changed the subject

Appreciate the acknowledgment.

> instead of typing [EMAIL PROTECTED] in the To: field.
> ..didn't realize the messages were threaded on the list.

It is not the 'list' where the messages are threaded per se.
'References:' and/or 'In-Reply-To:' headers[0] contained in a message
posses the information that allows for threading of messages by a
mail reader, mutt in my case.

Ergo, just a change in the 'To:' header will not make any
difference, unless you also /remove/ the 'References:' and
'In-Reply-To:' headers.

That assumes that you want to create a new & separate thread by
replying to another message, which is more time consuming than
starting a new thread from scratch, no?

[0] RFC 2822, 3.6.4 Identification fields...

  - Parv


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