On Saturday 20 March 2004 12:41 am, Chuck McManis wrote:
> Netiquette guidelines are like C coding styles, subject to great rip
> roaring debates. My personal pet peeve is 600 lines of included text only
> to get to the bottom line which adds "This is how I feel about it too." I

My .02, 

Why can't people just cut what they have comments for out of the former 
posters' message?  If you look back, 99% of the time this is what I do, 
although not always.  I guess this isn't a huge issue to me.  IMHO, if I want 
people to read what I have to say, I make it as easy and effortless as 
possible to read and discern what point I'm trying make or question I'm 
trying to ask.

Again, just my .02.
Eric F Crist
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