Eric Yellin wrote:

When I "su -m" and login as root, all I get in the prompt is a % sign. My
normal user shell is tcsh and the prompt looks like this:
[EMAIL PROTECTED]/home/eric(29): but this is not kept when I su -m.
How can I change this?

Seems a tad unusual. Don't know if I can help, but can you give me some info?

a. What is root's "shell" entry in /etc/passwd?

b. From whence do you set your "normal" prompt? /~/.cshrc?

If the machine is not used by others, a quick
workaround might be to simply copy your .cshrc
to /root/ and simply use "su".  But it does seem
a tad weird that "su -m" seems to be reading some
other resource file...or else my understanding of
"-m" is broken, which is entirely possible.

Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.
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