cannot comment on the reason for the huge delay (but one
way to check what is going on is to change the pipe's bandwidth
and see if anything changes), but i see a big
misunderstanding on weights vs. priorities in your

> # Define our upload pipe
>         ${fwcmd} pipe 1 config bw 480Kbit/s
> # Define a high-priority queue
>         ${fwcmd} queue 1 config pipe 1 weight 100
> # Define a medium-high-priority queue
>         ${fwcmd} queue 2 config pipe 1 weight 99
> # Define a medium-low-priority queue
>         ${fwcmd} queue 3 config pipe 1 weight 98
> # Define a low-priority queue
>         ${fwcmd} queue 4 config pipe 1 weight 97

the above configuration means that if queue 1 is getting a bandwidth
X, then queue 2 will get 0.99X, queue 3 will get 0.98X, queue
4 will get 0.97X. Hardly matching any reasonable definition of high-mid-low

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