In the last episode (Mar 21), Mark said:
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> Subject: Re: Do I really need to rebuilding *everything*
> > > Question is, can I get away with rebuilding my entire
> > > ports collection? With about 300 apps complied, I really don't
> > > want to do it. ;_;
> >
> > You only need to rebuild the ports that use the openssl libs and
> > link statically.  My guess is that would be zero.
> What do you mean? I built OpenSSL into everything; sendmail, Apache,
> qpopper, stunnel, php4, mod_perl, etc. Close to the 300 of the original
> poster. :) And like him, I really feel rather upset if I'd have to do it all
> over again. Or are all of the above dynamically linked?

The file command will indicate whether a program was linked static or

        Dan Nelson
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