On 03/17/04 00:09, David Gerard wrote:

I was advised by a few people (including the laptop's previous owner) that
FreeBSD 5.x would be quite difficult to get working with sound, and that
it would be a better idea to try with 4.9.
I have just spent a few hours carefully reinstalling the laptop with FreeBSD 4.9. Restart for its first boot ... and it won't. It sits there at
F2 FreeBSD
Default: F2 _
and seems to consider the keyboard beneath its notice. Odd, since the caps lock light goes on and off as expected. But nothing will get it off this screen.
The DOS partition is a 20 meg partition for IBM system tools, as yet not installed. It's also before the FreeBSD partition on the disk, if that's

Wiped and tried again. First with the whole disk as a FreeBSD partition, to
see if 4.9 would go on at all (it did). Then with FreeBSD as the *first*
partition, and a DOS partition taking the other half of the disk (my wife
has decided the laptop will be more usable dual-booting into Windows).
Now it's working fine :-)

Still haven't got sound going, but will let the list know when I do!

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